Below are our local authors who are the inaugural members of this most successful  Jugiong Writers Festival.   They are successful published authors and each has their own loyal following.   Hope you will be one of their new readers – you can check out their works on their websites

Autobiography Vivien Thompson  
 Biography Freda Nicholls  
 Historical Fiction  Gillian Ingall  Freda Nicholls
 Young Adult  Jenny Glazebrook  


Jenny Glazebrook
Jenny Glazebrook


Jenny Glazebrook writes inspirational fiction for young adults. Her published works include  the 6 novels in her Aussie Sky series about an ex-circus family, their horses, and the lives they touch. This year she is working with her publisher on a second edition of her novel, ‘Nobody Hugs Rod Green’.  The plan is to have the new edition, along with the following 5 novels in the series published within the next five years. She is also working on her autobiography and has an interested publisher.

Several of Jenny’s novels have been finalists in the CALEB awards for faith inspired writing.

Jenny grew up in Gundagai and lives there with her husband Rob, four children and lots of pets.     Website

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Gillian Ingall



Gillian Ingall grew up in Sydney and now resides with her partner on a cattle property in the Muttama Valley in New South Wales. Her first novel ‘The Invitation – a Tale of Greed, Adultery and Political Turmoil’ was written around her experience in China and Hong Kong during the pro-democracy movement in 1989.

Gillian’s latest novel ‘Napoleon’s Glass’ is due for release in Australia soon. It follows the life of a tragic French heroine who was born into a noble family at the outset of the French Revolution. With a passion for social equality and an independent spirit, she moved from royal courts to battlefields, from country manors to dirt hovels never giving up her fight against social injustice and the hope of finding her missing father.  A cut crystal glass passed down through the generations accompanied by faded letters dated 1831 have provided the background to this compelling story.

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Freda Nicholls


Freda Nicholls is a local author of three bestselling books, Love, Sweat & Tears, Back of Beyond and The Amazing Mrs Livesey. She has also worked on audio scripts for the Australian War Memorial, wrote a play performed in the region last year with six other local authors and is currently developing a script for television and working on a historical fiction novel in between helping on the farm and being joint chair of the Jugiong Writers’ Festival.

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Vivien Thomson


Vivien Thomson is a self-published author who wrote about the journey that firefighters go through after experiencing a major fire event. This is the first book of its kind documenting the trauma and the recovery that they experience. What makes this book so unique is its honesty in the stories they share. There have been very few books authored by a female fire fighter.
Committee member of Jugiong Writers Festival

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